"Empowering the Millennials" Workshop on 22 Nov 2018

Tips to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in the Millennials for your organization

The Millennial generation is going to be the major segment of the workforce, and some of them have taken up management and leadership position already. As they are so different from the previous generations in terms of values, motivation and practices, it is of vital important for the organization to find the right way to engage and develop the Millennials.

But how? It all starts with an authentic understanding of the Millennials in Hong Kong.

Although there are many studies about the Millennials, local research is rarely found. Hence, Apex has conducted studies to understand the generation differences in Hong Kong since February 2018. With further study, we found that the Millennials were born with entrepreneurial spirit which best suits the dynamic, fast-changing 21st century. They are innovative and agile and learn by failing early, they expect partnership and look for meaning of work. Combining our experiences and studies in leadership development and understanding of the Millennials, we have developed programs to empower the Millennials and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in them for your organization.

In the coming seminar, Dr. Joseph Wong and Dr. Eunice Chen, the researchers in the studies, will share with you the tips and practices in unleashing the potential of the Millennials.

1. Authentic understanding of the Millennials –
- Share our research result in 2018 to have a better understanding of the Millennials in terms of their values, beliefs, education. social-cultural factors etc..
2. Programs to empower the Millennials –
- Share the models on engaging the Millennials with coaching skills and applying Agile mindset & practice to unleash Millennials’ entrepreneurial spirit.
3. Application sharing –
- Demo a part of the training workshop and exercises that we have delivered to the organizations. Audiences can experience the approaches and the styles of the workshop
- Real cases sharing

Date: 22 Nov 2018 (Thursday)
Time: 2:30-5:00pm
Venue: H6 CONET, G/F, The Center, 99 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong
Medium: Cantonese with English terminology and materials
Charge: HKD 300 / head
***To enjoy Early Bird rate at $200/head - please register and settle payment before 7 November 2018

Enquiry and Registration: (tel) 2393 7111 / (email) josie@apexinstitute.com

Our Speakers:
  Dr Joseph Wong 
EdD, MSc, BSc(Eng), PMP, CSM, ITIL Expert, DISC, MBTI
A management training expert and seasoned management practitioner specialized in project management, team leadership, innovation, strategic planning and IT service management. He is renowned for his interactive training approach and the ability of integrating management best practices and making them simple and easy to apply.
  Dr. Eunice Chen
DBA, MBA, BSc, Dip in Marketing, ABNLP, Enneagram, MBTI, DISC
A practical strategist, consultant, coach and trainer on change management and leadership development. With her extensive experience and keen interest in personality analysis, Eunice builds high-level of rapport and relationships with people from all walks of life.



"Empowering the Millennials" Workshop on 22 Nov 2018

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